Công ty cổ phần ứng dụng công nghệ Minh Hà

Minh Ha Technology Application JSC.

Địa chỉ : Tầng 1, Số 10B, Đường Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, P. Đa Kao, TP.HCM

Điện thoại : 08 3997 6038



ABICOR BINZEL…offers a unique welding torch, 

ABIROB 350 GC designed with compatible TCP 

(tool center point) geometry, and clamping area. 

The ABIROB 350 GC welding torch is a direct 

replacement for Japanese style welding torches: 


Modular construction allows quick replacement 

of swanneck and cable assembly without affecting

 the TCP. Significant cost savings are easlly

 recognized by using ABICOR Binzel’s long life 

contact tips, and removable neck liners. 

ABICOR Binzel’s rugged swanneck design,

 Incor-porated in the ABIROB 350 GC torch, 

allows increased service life and repeatability.

Quality spare parts are available world-wide 

through ABICOR Binzel’s global distribution network


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